Thursday, 1 October 2009

First Post and What's Up With This?

A random series of events clicked for me and suddenly Theodora's Theater of the Absurd was born. A while back I was doing research for a name I could use while doing Steampunk events, and I chose the name Theodora. Then I decided to use the name as a vampire character for Vampire Wars. Then just a day or two ago, I heard the term 'theater of the absurd' somewhere. Now I can't remember where I heard it but I started thinking about my love for the absurd. And the list began to grow. I have to add things like Yellow Submarine and the Blue Meanies, this odd doll I saw on an Etsy video where it was like a zeppelin but had the face of a smiling girl, A book of surrealistic circus illustrations, the current revival of circus arts, my love of juggling, and being a mime in the past. And seeing the Salvador Dali exhibit at LACMA with my daughter.

In fact I would love to put on white face, take my hoop to a hoop meeting in a public park and spend the day hooping and never say a word to anyone. That's just the kind of absurdity I'm talking about. I don't fit in with other hoopers anyway, so why not do it my own way?

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